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At Appletree Connection, we’re bridging the gap between behavioral science and everyday practice with accessible training courses for those aspiring to become certified Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs).

Our 40-hour Empowered RBT™ course is designed to transform students into confident ABA practitioners while providing essential career guidance to navigate the job market with their new credentials.

The course features short, easy-to-follow lessons and a wealth of additional resources, including built-in learning checks, an interactive study guide, and mock practice exams– all designed to enhance understanding and retention. It’s the combination of these tools and a carefully crafted curriculum that have helped our students achieve an average 90.5% pass rate on the RBT exam.

Learn at your own pace, on your own schedule, and take the next step in your ABA career!

About AppleTree Connection

At Appletree Connection, our mission is to make high-quality training in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) accessible to all at an affordable price. We believe in bridging the gap between passionate, ethical professionals and the opportunities that allow them to make a real difference.

We offer a variety of courses and services designed to spread the accessibility of top-tier ABA training. Our flagship 40-hour self-paced RBT course is perfect for those looking to learn on their own schedule. For a more interactive experience, we also provide comprehensive live sessions multiple times a year.

Our commitment to career growth extends beyond education. We offer career mentorship groups, bulk course licenses for school districts and clinical training use, and recruiting services to connect ABA companies with dedicated RBTs.

If you’re a school district or ABA company seeking bulk licenses to provide your staff with the best ABA training available, please use our contact form below to schedule a time to speak with one of our team members.
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About Our Founder - Tara Zeller, MS, BCBA, IBA

Tara Zeller’s journey into the world of behavior analysis began in 1997 with an internship at the University of Central Florida. What started as an academic pursuit quickly blossomed into a lifelong passion for helping others unlock their limitless potential through the science of behavior.

In 2015, Tara founded AppleTree Connection with a clear aim: to make the transformative power of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) accessible to all. Drawing on her extensive experience as a Clinical BCBA and practice owner, she identified a critical need for high-quality, consistent training for aspiring behavioral practitioners. This insight led her to create Empowered RBT™, a comprehensive 40-hour training course designed not only to educate but also to empower.

Today, Tara continues to empower early career seekers, educators, and parents to influence positive behavior change globally. She is dedicated to lowering financial barriers to access training while raising the bar in practitioner quality. Through AppleTree Connection, Tara offers a range of services and resources that support and elevate the field of behavior analysis, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to excel and make a meaningful impact.

In her spare time, Tara enjoys traveling with her family, spending time outdoors, and cherishing moments with friends and loved ones.

Here's What Our Students Are Saying

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"If you're looking for an organized and well-informed program to get your RBT certification, this is it! If I could score it higher, I would."

Olivia Ortiz, RBT 40-hour Graduate

Our Courses:

No matter your learning style, schedule, or budget, we have an RBT course option that suits your needs!

Crafted with the learner in mind, our lessons are structured into short, value-packed, and easy-to-digest modules. Each module includes practical, everyday examples to help you understand the science of ABA, no matter your experience level.

All of our courses are based on the RBT Task List 2, are independent of the BACB, and must be completed within a timeframe of no less than 5 and no more than 180 days from the start date.

Find the course that's right for you:

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Empowered RBT™
12-Week Live Class- $2,497

Experience a 12-week live course designed to help you earn your RBT Certification.

Participate virtually with a live BCBA instructor and classmates. This comprehensive course includes test preparation, a study guide, a competency assessment, and more!

Ideal for students who thrive in a structured environment with direct access to a live instructor.

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Empowered RBT™
All Inclusive $394  $197

Total and immediate access to our 40-hour self-paced course PLUS essential study tools to help you pass the RBT exam!

Includes a study guide, practice mock exams, private Facebook community, and access to our employer directory.

Perfect for students who thrive on interactive learning.
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Empowered RBT™ 
Just the Course $296  $148

For students looking just for our RBT certification course.

Experience our flagship 40-hour self-paced course without the additional resources such as our study guide or practice exams included in our All Inclusive package.

Ideal for independent learners who are confident in their ability to study and prepare for the exam on their own.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who are these courses and services for?

Our courses and services are for ANYONE who wants to help another person or groups of people live their best lives. Whether you are pursuing your RBT or IBT credential, a parent, an educator, or someone who was previously trained and wants to strengthen their foundational knowledge - our products and services are a MUST!

What's a RBT?

RBT = Registered Behavior Technician. It is an official credential under the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB). RBTs earn up to $48,000 annually.

Do I need a degree to take the Empowered RBT™ course?

If you are pursuing your RBT or IBT credential, you need at least a high school diploma (or equivalent), But, if you are taking our courses for the knowledge, there is NO degree requirement.

Is there a minimum age to become a RBT?

RBTs and IBTs must be 18. But, if you are taking the course for the knowledge, there is NO minimum age.

Do your courses come with email or call support?

The self-paced options are designed to be self-guided, so there is limited individualized support. However, our All-Inclusive program, as well as live cohort includes a private Facebook community of support.

What is ABA?

ABA = Applied Behavior Analysis. It is the application of Behavior Analysis to improve the lives of people. Behavior Analysis is the science of learning and behavior. The applications are limitless!

Is ABA a field I can grow in?

Yes! ABA is a science and a field. There are credential opportunities at the Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral level and across industries. We are here to mentor you at every step.

Do I need to pass a background check to work as a RBT?

Yes. As a RBT you will have to be able to pass a background check. Your supervisor will confirm the validity during the Competency Assessment step. Step 2 of 3. 

How hard is it to find a job as a RBT?

The demand out paces the supply for RBTs. Many local and many nation-wide agencies have waiting lists for clients due to the low supply of RBTs. Average salary $48,000. RBTs work in a variety of industries. The skillset gained in this course crosses industries, populations an roles.

As a RBT, will I only work with children with autism?

The science of behavior and applied behavior analysis have limitless applications. RBTs provide services to a variety of be people with differing ages, genders, and abilities. The population of people you serve depends on the company you work for. We have Employer Partners that serve a variety of clients in a variety of settings.

Once I am a RBT (after I do all 3 steps), do I have to work in the state that I became certified?

The RBT certification is borderless and recognized nationally. The IBT is recognized internationally. Some states may have licensure on top of the certification. This is on a state by state basis. Florida does NOT have licensure for RBT, BCaBA, BCBA or BCBA-D.

Will the Registered Behavior Technician Training Certificate be compliant with RBT Task List (2nd Edition), as required for all RBT applications after November 2019?

Yes, our course has been updated to match the RBT 2nd Edition Task List! You will be prepared to take the Competency Assessment and the BACB RBT Board exam associated with the 2nd Edition Task List list! 

I have completed my 40-Hour Training Certificate program, do you provide the Competency Assessment?

AppleTree Connection provides access to the Competency Assessment in a variety of ways - through our Exclusive Employer Partnership Program and through our very own cohorts. Click here to get your name on the interest  list for an upcoming cohort

What is your Exclusive Employer Partnership Program?

This program is exclusive to graduates of our All-Inclusive program as well as our live cohorts. You will gain access to our diverse network of Employers - each offer different things including, but not limited to: Competency Assessment. internships and employment. 

Can I take the Empowered RBT™ course from outside of FL?

Yes, anyone, anywhere can take this course. Your knowledge goes with you everywhere with you.
If you are pursuing the RBT Training Certificate it is borderless in the US, Canada, Australia and U.K. The Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) is a national credentialing organization. This certification is recognized in all 50 states. The IBT credential is recognized internationally.

Can I complete my Competency Assessment outside of Florida?

Yes. The RBT certification and the process of getting certified (steps 1-3) are borderless. You can take your training in 1 state, do your Competency Assessment in another, and sit for your RBT Board exam in a totally different state. This is a national certificate! If you want to get added to out next Competency Assessment cohort, click here.

Refund Policy?

Refund Policy will only be considered if they are covered from 3 days with NO activity on the course. Click here for more info click here.

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