Lesson series - 3 months

RBT-IBT Mentorship 
January - March 2024 IS FULL

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Building a system of support and guidance for RBT and IBTs as you navigate your role and career.

Mentorship is the perfect way to elevate your RBT or IBT skillset.

The 40-hour course is a gateway.

Technical skill repertoires are gained through practice and great supervision.
  • What about the non-technical stuff?
  • The confidence,
  • The advocacy,
  • The knowing why behind the implementation 

In here, it’s not about the task list,
In here, it’s about you - The practitioner.
In here we shape confidence and advocacy.
In here you will learn to leverage your unique abilities.
In here you will learn to make better decisions.

Monthly live sessions provide a platform to share your experience and get feedback and guidance from an International Behavior Analyst with over 25 years using ABA to improve the lives of people.
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In here we will …
Self-reflect values assessment, yes please!
Get back to basics the 7 dimensions are our jam
Improve own own behavior with ABA self management
Learn how ABA is everywhere, but not everything look outside the box
Remember that we gain stimulus control, not behavioral controlour clients change their behavior, we support them
Recognize the science as limitlessABA is not population specific
Think about our clients, their caregivers and our rolea good therapist works their way out of a job
Share our experiences with a focus on what is going wellthis is not a space for complaining
Leverage the experience of others - inspiration can strike at any time
Focus on self and client advocacy your voice matters
Bridge the gap between research and applicationwe are not working with pigeons and rats
Learn the difference between experimentation and application our clients are people and deserve to be treated with dignity

What's inside the course...

Meet your mentor

Tara Zeller, MS, BCBA, IBA

Founder of AppleTree Connection (established in 2015), Director of Empowerment and and International Behavior Analyst - Tara Zeller, MS, BCBA. IBA

Tara began her love affair with Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in 1997 during an internship at UCF. Her passion grew from there. She earned her BCaBA credential in 2005 and her BCBA in 2006. Over the course of her ABA career, Tara has served as: Clinical Lead Behavior Analyst (helping countless families, schools, practitioners, and children); Conference presenter & Panelist; Professional Board Committee member; Supervisor; Mentor; and business owner. She enjoys the role of business owner, and her favorite part is empowering her staff and clients to reach their highest potential.
In her spare time, Tara enjoys traveling with her family, paddle boarding, hiking, exploring, relaxing in her hammock, spending time with her friends & loved ones, and seeing her children experience life and all it has to offer!
Patrick Jones - Course author