Jul 2 / Tara Zeller, MS, BCBA, IBA

How to get RBT certified.

Becoming a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) is a great way to help people. You will be practicing applied behavior analysis (ABA), a branch of psychology. And you don’t even need a PhD. The process of becoming certified can be tricky, and has lead to 23% denial of initial applications, according to the RBT credentialing agency - Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) (link to post and article). But, have no fear, AppleTree Connection is here to make sure you are in the approved category, help you stay compliant, and avoid common pitfalls.

We  are one of the top 5 training providers in the world, so you’ll get the best training. Don’t just take our word for it - see for yourself. AppleTree Connection will support you through the entire process. Here’s a simple guide to help you through the application process to earn your RBT certification:

Requirements Before You Start
1. Be at least 18 years old.
2. Have a high school diploma or equivalent.

Step 1: Complete a 40-Hour Training Course
You need to finish a 40-hour training course. You have options:
  • Self-Paced or Instructor-Led: You can choose between online courses you do on your own or live classes with a teacher. (AppleTree Connection offers both)
  • Where to Get Training: Training is available through private companies or universities.
  • Buying the Course: You can buy these courses on your own. Some jobs offer training, but be careful. Some jobs might make you sign a non-compete agreement, which means you can’t work for a competitor. These are not legal everywhere (read article here), so find an employer who doesn’t require this.

Step 2: Find a BACB-Certified Supervisor
After your training, you need a BACB-certified supervisor. This person will check your skills to make sure you know what you’re doing. This is called the Initial Competency Assessment.
Why You Need This Assessment
The assessment shows that you can use what you learned with real clients. Most supervisors do this for their employees, but you can find someone to do it without getting a job first.
Your supervisor will verify your practical skills and confirming that you meet all requirements, including age and educational prerequisites, as well as the confirm you passes your level-2 background check.

Step 3: Pass a Background Check
You need to pass a Level 2 background check. This includes:
  • A criminal background check.
  • Fingerprint checks through your state’s Department of Law Enforcement.
  • National criminal history records through the FBI.
Your supervisor can help you with this step.

Step 4: Apply for the Board Exam
Once you pass the assessment, you’re ready for the board exam. Here’s how to prepare:
1. Create a BACB Account: If you haven’t already, set up an account with the Behavior Analyst Certification Board.
2. Upload Documents: Submit all required documents and apply to take the exam.
3. Schedule the Exam: Schedule your exam at least two weeks in advance to give yourself enough time to prepare.
4. Test Prep: Choose the method that is right for you. AppleTree Connection provides test prep. We have a 90% pass rate for the Board Exam!
Step 5: Pass the Exam and Start Your Career
Good training providers, like AppleTree Connection, prepare you for the exam and your future job as a RBT. This job is great for:
• Psychology students
• Recent High School graduates
• People with family members who have autism
• Pre-school and general education teachers
• Special education teachers
• School administrators
• And many more!

Conclusion - Your Path to RBT Certification
By following these steps, you’ll be on your way to becoming a certified RBT. AppleTree Connection’s training programs are made to help you succeed. We guide you through every step, from the 40-hour training course, to mock exams, through making sure your paperwork is correct and your assessments are complete. With AppleTree Connection, you can confidently get your RBT certification and start a great career. Good luck!
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When you are ready, AppleTree Connection can help you get to work quickly:
1. Empowered RBT tm - self-paced 40-hour Training: Complete in as little as 5 days, This course satisfies the 40-hour requirement to become a RBT and International Behavior Technician* Join a career with over 120k people making a difference and leading with compassion. (*Once you are certified as a Registered Behavior Technician, you can apply for the IBT addition through the IBAO).
2. RBT Competency Assessment: We offer live Competency Assessment cohorts throughout the year*. You are assigned a BCBA mentor and a pathway to employment. Gain confidence and access to our Exclusive Employer Partner database. Join the waitlist.

Over 550+ students have successfully completed our programs. Individual outcomes include: RBT certification, grad school focus, advancement in current role, confidence in supporting others to live their best life and gaining a skillset that applies to their own life!

*Competency Assessments are offered exclusively to Empowered RBTTM students and graduates. If you completed your 40-hour training with another provider, and need a Competency Assessment you can register for one of our Empowered RBTTM courses here.

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